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About Claire's

Beauty for better life
Beauty for your happier life Claire’s Korea was established in 1997, based on our philosophy of "Neo-Humanism".
Rather than adding something to make a woman beautiful, we develop products that awaken that special something inside every woman. Rather than cover you up, our products bring out the real you.
Core Values
  • Creative: We believe that the most important factor for customer satisfaction is creativity. Claire’s Korea makes high-quality products and fresh designs which go beyond the expectations of our customers.
  • Dynamic: Our dynamism is what enables us to thrive in a rapidly changing market. Claire’s Korea achieves customer satisfaction through our advanced technology, dynamic sales strategies, and insights on markets and trends.
  • Ideal: Idealism is based on creativity and dynamism. We aim to be a company that grows with our partners based on confidence and trust, as well as a company that contributes to society. We aim to be more than a contractual “paper partner” by forming business friendships.
Claire’s CI Color system: Claire’s Korea logo includes a flower, with a harmonious combination of red and brown.
9·complex BI Color system: The logo type is a visual factor. The prime representative color is Claire’s Brown, and the designated Pantone color is used. In certain media and environments, Claire’s Silver can be used, but no other color is permitted.
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