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R&D/LAB Claire’s Korea R&D activities are based on the four visions of our brand: purity, nature, humanity, and hope. We aim to create new value and continue our innovative R&D to create quality that exceeds our customers’ desires.

Product R&D Center
Direction of research
  • Our research is centered on identifying new functional and effective materials and products to develop safe and effective solutions resulting in improved skin.
  • Our focus is to develop differentiated ingredients and functions in our products to realize greater beauty among our customers.
  • Our products undergo strict quality management processes to ensure safety, and continuous product monitoring enables continuing improvement in the quality of our products.
Design Research Lab
Direction of research
  • We develop designs that stand out visually and functionally to express the functions of our new products.
  • We aim to create unique designs for our products that enhance our brand and are attractive to our customers.
  • We aim to create emotional, sophisticated design solutions that will appeal to our customers.
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