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Types of Positions
Types of Positions
  • Marketing: The Marketing Team oversees all activities related to identifying and fulfilling needs of customers. They also analyze market trends, develop ideas for new products, manage brands, and handle public relations.
  • Business: Business Team oversees various distribution channels including shops, department stores, home shopping channels, duty free shops, online malls and drug stores, develop new channels, plan product campaigns and provide training to sales representatives.
  • Judicial Affairs: The Legal Team oversees all legal and regulatory issues of the company and reviews contracts, handles lawsuits and provides legal advice.
  • Management Support: The Management Support Team handles, accounting, purchasing, logistics and other various support functions, creates and manages the vision of the business, and establishes mid to long term business plans.
  • Personnel Card/General Affairs: The HR/General Affairs Teams oversee remuneration, withholding tax and develop HR policies to create a sound organizational culture so that our people can perform to their best potential.
  • Design Laboratory: The Design Research Lab plans designs through briefings and idea meetings, and conducts VMD, product design and web design.
  • Product Development Laboratory: The Product R&D Center monitors product approvals and regulatory issues and conducts R&D for skin care, makeup and dental care.
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